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Garcinia Cambogia Extract As seen on Dr. Oz and recommended by many other top weight loss experts. Pure Garcinia Cambogia Extract is among the best products out there right now!

Pure Garcinia Cambogia Extract is currently our top recommendation here at WLR. It has practically no side effects and THOUSANDS of people say it’s the premier reason they were able to finally lose weight.

It has been demonstrated time and time again, by experts and regular people alike, that garcinia cambogia extract can help you lose weight in a safe and sustainable way without any significant changes to your daily life.

Some say it’s all hype, but scientific research has shown the effectiveness of garcinia cambogia for weight loss, and the rare reported side effects for it are normally quite mild.

Garcinia Cambogia extract has literally been called the “Holy Grail of weight loss” by professionals in the health & fitness industries despite the skepticism surrounding the product. We believe (based on our personal trials and overall reader feedback) that it can work for virtually anyone looking to lose weight. It is undoubtedly a popular and great weight loss supplement that can help to ensure you achieve your desired results when taken in conjunction with a healthy diet and regular exercise.


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CoolSculpting, also known as fat freezing, is an FDA cleared non-invasive procedure which uses advanced cooling technology to target and eliminate the fat cells through a patented technology known as Cryolipolysis. This procedure doesn’t involve any incisions, needles or anesthesia, and it reduces the fat layers without harming or damaging the surrounding cells and tissues. CoolSculpting is actually considered to be a great alternative to liposuction, which is one of the more common forms of cosmetic surgery. Apart from eliminating the fat cells, Cool Sculpting also helps improve the skin’s texture and laxity by tightening loose skin.

This incredible procedure provides noticeable and lasting results, helping you feel and look your best. You can expect an overall reduction of about 20% to 30% of the fat, within 8-12 weeks of a single treatment. The procedure can safely help reduce fat bulges on your tummy, thighs, flanks, arms, chin, bra, back, and other areas of the body.

How Cool Sculpting Works

With CoolSculpting treatment, a specially designed cooling applicator gets applied to the area that needs fat reduction so as to extract energy from the underlying fat tissues without damaging the surrounding tissues. The cooling applicator cup uses a vacuum pressure to gently draw out the tissues. During the procedure, the cooling applicator delivers precisely controlled cooling conditions to the target area, and eliminates the fat cells. When the fat cells get exposed to controlled cooling, they trigger an all natural removal process which gradually reduces the overall thickness of the fat layers. The cold infusion also stimulates the production of elastin and collagen, which in turn helps tighten the skin in the areas which have been treated.

Freeze the Fat Results

As mentioned earlier, CoolSculpting in Trenton delivers visible results as early as 2 weeks after the procedure, however, optimal results usually show between 3 to 6 months as your body continues to flush or eliminate the destroyed/frozen fat cells from the body. The results will last for as long as you maintain your normal weight and current diet. The procedure has no downtime which means, you can resume your normal activities on the same day.

As one of the industry leaders in CoolSculpting Trenton NJ, we are very passionate about the procedure, and it shows in the number of people who choose to experience the magic of cool sculpting with us. Our experts are highly experienced and have mastered the technology to administer a treatment that’s comfortable and safe, and will provide you with excellent results which you will most certainly love. So, if you live in the Trenton New Jersey area and you want to have CoolSculpting done by the leading professionals in the industry, you simply need to schedule a consultation today, and we will gladly be at your service…

The #1 CoolSculpting Provider in Your Area is Innovations Health and Wellness

They are located in the Trenton, NJ area so they can conveniently serve:

  • East Windsor
  • Ewing
  • Hamilton
  • Hightstown
  • Hopewell
  • Lawrenceville
  • Manalapan
  • Monroe
  • Pennington
  • Princeton
  • Robbinsville
  • West Windsor

…As well as surrounding cities in the Central New Jersey area.

Maybe it’s time for you to “freeze the fat” off those stubborn areas that aren’t going away with all the exercise you are doing!

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As you have probably already guessed based on the title of the post, this is a review of the Healthy for Life University program. The first thing I want to do before I go any further is answer the main question you undoubtedly have… Is it a scam? I will tell you right now with absolute certainty that the answer to that question is… NO! It is far from being a scam.

I am in the very unique position of having actually met the creators of Healthy for Life University (Jake and Brian) in person. I’ve been to their main office twice to meet with them and they’ve been to mine once as well. So I definitely have plenty of insider knowledge about the healthyforlife course. That’s not something most people writing a review about any program can typically say.

On top of that, my business partner has gone through the entire course along with his wife, and they use the information to live healthier lives every day. I’ve seen the positive changes it has made in his life each and every day. He loves it so much that he even helped them put on a live event in our area and gave them an unsolicited video testimonial.

So, what is it?

First and foremost, it is a complete health transformation system that will empower you with knowledge about the incredible body you have and the amazing intelligence with which it was designed. It will provide you with everything you need to reverse and resolve chronic health challenges or to maximize your level of energy and vitality, and prevent disease from occurring in the future.

So if you are looking for a step-by-step, turnkey system for health transformation and disease prevention that can be done from the comfort of your home and at your own pace, you just found it! This 12-week course will help you take control of your health. You will look and feel amazing!

They also include a very special Accelerated Weight Loss Program if you are looking for help losing weight or reducing body fat (aren’t we all). This is a safe and effective alternative to typical commercial weight loss programs and will help you retain your results long-term.


I have seen the effectiveness of the Healthy for Life University transformation system. So I can say with confidence that it will work — as long as you apply the information and follow the system. Your quality of life will improve and your ability to truly live life to its fullest will increase. All you have to do is adhere to their program.

Bottom line: This thing works! And it works well. Don’t believe me? Just check out all the rave reviews they have on their site, and their guarantee.

That’s it for my healthy for life university review. I hope you found it useful and got the information you needed to make a life-changing decision!