As you have probably already guessed based on the title of the post, this is a review of the Healthy for Life University program. The first thing I want to do before I go any further is answer the main question you undoubtedly have… Is it a scam? I will tell you right now with absolute certainty that the answer to that question is… NO! It is far from being a scam.

I am in the very unique position of having actually met the creators of Healthy for Life University (Jake and Brian) in person. I’ve been to their main office twice to meet with them and they’ve been to mine once as well. So I definitely have plenty of insider knowledge about the healthyforlife course. That’s not something most people writing a review about any program can typically say.

On top of that, my business partner has gone through the entire course along with his wife, and they use the information to live healthier lives every day. I’ve seen the positive changes it has made in his life each and every day. He loves it so much that he even helped them put on a live event in our area and gave them an unsolicited video testimonial.

So, what is it?

First and foremost, it is a complete health transformation system that will empower you with knowledge about the incredible body you have and the amazing intelligence with which it was designed. It will provide you with everything you need to reverse and resolve chronic health challenges or to maximize your level of energy and vitality, and prevent disease from occurring in the future.

So if you are looking for a step-by-step, turnkey system for health transformation and disease prevention that can be done from the comfort of your home and at your own pace, you just found it! This 12-week course will help you take control of your health. You will look and feel amazing!

They also include a very special Accelerated Weight Loss Program if you are looking for help losing weight or reducing body fat (aren’t we all). This is a safe and effective alternative to typical commercial weight loss programs and will help you retain your results long-term.


I have seen the effectiveness of the Healthy for Life University transformation system. So I can say with confidence that it will work — as long as you apply the information and follow the system. Your quality of life will improve and your ability to truly live life to its fullest will increase. All you have to do is adhere to their program.

Bottom line: This thing works! And it works well. Don’t believe me? Just check out all the rave reviews they have on their site, and their guarantee.

That’s it for my healthy for life university review. I hope you found it useful and got the information you needed to make a life-changing decision!

On your journey to a better, healthier you via weight loss and exercise, there will be times when you want to measure your progress. Who doesn’t want to know how far they have gotten to their ideal size for weight? This is where you will want to track your weight loss to get a better picture of how you are doing. It is always important to start off with an initial measurement, and then just keep tabs on it throughout a period of time. This post will give you tips on different ways to keep track of your size. You may be surprised at what you learn about yourself along the way!

1) Let’s just start off with some cold hard facts. Did you know that muscle weighs more than fat? So, if you put a pile of muscle next to a pile of fat, it wouldn’t take nearly as much muscle to outweigh the fat. This is because muscle is more condensed and packed with more solid material than fat. So it is actually possible for person to be overweight but not too fat. The perfect example of this is bodybuilders… They spend their whole lives maintaining body fat. So they may have 5% percent body fat but due to the weight of muscles a normal scale will have them as drastically overweight for their height. This is where knowing your body fat percentage comes in handy more than just stepping on scales.

2) How can knowing your body fat percentage truly help you? This allows you to get a better idea of what you really need to lose and whether your workout program is truly doing as it claims. It is also entirely possible that you are remaining the same weight but your body fat to muscle ratio has just changed for the better. You may be wandering how in the world do you measure body fat percentage? There are many ways. You have calipers which measure the thickness in diameter of an object. There are online calculators that are normally used with the assistance of tape measurements. There are bioelectrical impedance scales which use different data within your body to come to a measurement. If you decided to go this route then you will want to measure under the same circumstances each time. This means at the same hydration level, skin temperature and food intake. This makes it more difficult to keep track of though. There is also dual energy X-ray absorptiometry. This is used to measure the mass of bone within your body to give you a measurement. There are so many ways to track your weight loss tips and goals.

3) If all the above sounds like too much work then you can simply just take a picture. You can take out some time and once month take a few pictures of yourself. These are not just for vanity reasons but for record keeping. You can put on a few somewhat tight fitting clothes and take a few shots. Then as you progress through your weight loss plans take another in about a month. As the time progresses you should notice your body changing. You will notice that you fit into your clothes and will feel more comfortable all around. You will get a great sense of satisfaction that you are making progress and it will motivate you to do more. The average body fat range for women is twenty five to thirty-one percent and for men it is eighteen to twenty-five. You will want to keep track of all this in journal, especially for your weight loss goals.

In conclusion, you have tons of ways to track weight loss for yourself. It is important that you do this. Otherwise you cannot know if you are making true progress. There are many ways to do this. You can use normal scales which can be purchased at your local store. Unfortunately though this is not ideal for measuring body fat percentage. You will want to find calipers, bio-electrical impedance scales, or simply take a few pictures to see your progress. You should know that muscle weighs more than fat. So this means that it is possible to stay the same weight but actually lose fat and gain muscle, which will make you look great! This is where body fat percentage data really takes you to a whole new level of knowledge about your body.

It’s no surprise that many people want to try fad diets when they seem to get such fast results. So you might be wondering what’s so bad about them? A lot actually! You can certainly find hundreds of sites online claiming amazing weight loss in just a few short days. However, what they don’t tell you is that type of weight loss is only temporary. It is usually just water weight that you are losing, which will be put right back on as soon as your body re-hydrates, which it has to do or you will suffer severe health problems, or even die!

Other fad diets are not so obviously crash diets with outrageous claims but they are over hyped diet plans that tend to be fashionable for a while and usually make a lot of money for the inventor in associated product sales. In the best cases these are good nutrition plans which will help you lose weight, but which you could probably have gotten for free from your doctor. In the worst cases they will prove so difficult to follow that you will give up after a week.

The BAD of “fad” diets…

1. Diets that promise quick and easy weight loss are usually based on eating more of one food type and none of another. These do not give the benefits that you would get from a balanced diet. They may suggest you take supplements but many supplements are not absorbed by the body unless they are taken along with the foods that the diet has banned. After a few weeks, if you stick to it that long, you may begin to develop nutritional deficiencies.

2. Fad diets are often boring and over restrictive. After the novelty of the first day or two, you will not enjoy your meals. You will then start to crave food constantly and will break the diet. You may even feel guilty, thinking it is your fault that you did not lose weight.

3. Most fad diets do not follow recommendations set by health authorities for fat levels in the diet. Often the diet will recommend high fat foods and low carbs which if taken long term, could result in heart disease or other health problems. The promoters may tell you that the diet is only intended to be followed for a short time. But you probably will not reach your weight goals in that time, and then what? You either continue with a plan that is not good for your health, or stop and gain back everything you lost.

4. Many fad diets do not help you to incorporate enough servings of fruits and vegetables in your weight loss program, or give you the variety of foods that your body needs.

5. Quick weight loss diets are just a temporary solution and do not help you to make permanent changes to your eating habits. Permanent changes are the only way to remain at your target weight once you reach it. Fad diets encourage yo-yo diet-binge cycles of fast weight loss and equally fast weight gain. This is worse for your health and your self-esteem than if you had stayed overweight all the time.

Whatever the publicity materials may say, these diets will not help you in the long term. The best way to sustain weight loss is to eat healthy balanced meals, do not over eat, exercise regularly, and avoid fad diets. I recommend doing crossfit workouts for a healthy lifestyle, effective weight loss, increased muscle mass, a toned body, and overall better results.

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Is “weight loss bully” really the ultimate weight loss secret? Read my review of it and decide for yourself.

I’m quite certain you have tried at least one weight loss diet in your life. We all have at some point. And we always place great hopes on these diets and follow them religiously (for a while) yet most of the time the results don’t come. Any credible weight loss diet should be able to give you measurable results if you follow it correctly. However, most don’t, so how do you find one that does?

Lucky for you I am going to tell you about one such diet so you don’t have to find it on your own. It is called Weight Loss Bully and has been quickly gaining popularity recently as more and more people are getting great results. It is a complete diet package that provides you with sample recipes, best foods to eat, foods to avoid and it even gives you an introduction for how to use the famous “Get Ripped Diet.” Weight Loss Bully also provides you with truly useful information about certain foods that will boost your metabolism. These foods are readily available and very important for your diet.

The information in Weight Loss Bully will help you bust some age old myths about weight loss. They provide you with a step-by-step system that you can follow every day in order to reach your weight loss goals smoothly and easily. This plan is very quick but most importantly it is safe! It works well for both men and women of any age and physical condition. It promises that you will gain muscle while losing fat, which is the healthy way to go.

Apart from diet tips, it also helps you with your exercise routine to ensure you lockout that persistent belly fat. One of the top excuses that people give for not exercising is lack of time. But weight loss bully gives you tips about how to fit exercise into your busy work schedule and daily grind. Together diet and exercise can help you in unlocking the secrets to burning fat and losing weight.

While all of this may sound a little hard to believe for some, it really is a high quality product. Nothing is perfect but this is about as close as you will find. If you implement the information and follow it thoroughly, you should definitely see positive results. As with all diet plans, initially you may accidentally slack off a few times, but once you get the hang of it, you will see the difference in your body image and overall health.

Don’t take my review for it. Check out Weight Loss Bully and see for yourself!

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Since you are obviously looking for tips on how to lose weight, you may have come across something called, “Program Yourself Thin” in your research and wondered what it’s all about. Basically it is a completely unique mental weight loss system that uses a different approach than most diets, systems, and programs. Its main focus is on training your mind to find the subconscious reasons you are overweight. This is a refreshingly different method than most weight loss tips, which typically focus entirely on various eating plans and exercise routines.

In this review of Program Yourself Thin, I will discuss the three major parts of the product…

1) Eliminating false choices.

People often make choices they think are the best, but in reality it’s false. You might make an unhealthy choice that causes you to gain weight without realizing it because you think it’s the best one to make. Program Yourself Thin teaches you how to truly make the best choices. The program teaches a lot about developing your mental conditioning to eliminate false choices.

2) Removing empty emotional gratification.

According to Program Yourself Thin, people tend do things for emotional reasons that will make them actually gain weight. Certain foods may seem emotionally satisfying at the time so you eat it even though you know it is bad for you. The sense of emotional gratification takes over and all rational arguments in your mind are lost. That is very counterproductive for weight loss so this program is designed to help you with it.

3) Dumping subconsciously ingrained negative habits.

To start new eating habits, you need to get rid of the subconsciously ingrained negative habits. Doing this will result in natural weight loss. Program Yourself Thin teaches useful methods for you to be able to “talk” yourself into a new positive subconscious reality. The effect of doing this will change the deep rooted habits you follow every day that hinder your weight loss, even if you aren’t aware of them.

Those are the 3 major parts of the “Program Yourself Thin” system, which makes it different, more modern and better than most other weight loss strategies out there today. Programming your mind to achieve goals in life through the power of positive thinking has been popular for a long time, but it isn’t something that has been used much in weight loss programs – until now. Hopefully, you have found this program yourself thin review to be helpful and informative.

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