If you have heard about or stumbled across “The Truth About Abs” you might be wondering, is it really true? Let me elaborate…

Do you have a flabby stomach that won’t go away no matter what you do? Do you workout everyday without getting the abs you want? Getting in shape can be difficult and once you’re in shape, burning the remaining stomach fat to get rock hard, toned abs can seem almost impossible.

If you find yourself in this position now, don’t worry. There’s no shortage of information on how to lose belly fat. The only real question is which of these options actually works?

As you probably know already, those “weight loss pills” and other supposed “tricks” almost never do anything if they aren’t combined with proper diet and exercise. And many fad diets simply don’t do what they claim anyway, and they can actually hurt more than help. They might help you to slim down a bit if you’re lucky, but when it comes to getting rock hard abs, they are simply not designed to get you there.

So what can you do? You can do nothing at all and give up on your diet and exercise routine. Or you can try something new such as what Mike Geary teaches in his truth about abs fat loss program.

Mike Geary is a certified personal trainer and a certified nutrition specialist, but more importantly, he’s the creator of a diet and exercise program called “The Truth About Abs” and it has become insanely popular in recent years. This has turned him into a full blown fitness guru.

So what does Mike Geary suggest you do? He recommends that you give up on your current approach to losing belly fat because it isn’t working and it won’t work. If it did then you wouldn’t be looking for other solutions on how to lose it.

The first and most important step is nutrition. It’s easy to fall into negative dietary slumps and pack on the fat as a result. And it is even easier to trick yourself into believing you are on a good, effective diet when in fact your weight loss, muscle toning and abdominal shredding is going nowhere at all.

Second, he suggests that you begin a consistent daily exercise regimen. But unlike most other alleged ab gurus, he says you shouldn’t always focus on crunches, sit-ups, and all the normal exercises that most people tend to use when trying to shape their stomachs.

Instead, Geary provides you with a set of full body workouts that will chisel out some rock solid six pack abs in the process. Not only are they detailed, but he also includes sets of photos with each of them to show you what to do. It helps to see what to do and also what not to do instead of just reading it.

Another benefit of the truth about abs program is that it doesn’t target any particular group. The creator claims that the right exercises should work well for everyone. Additionally, he provides sets of exercises for people of all ages, experience and fitness levels. As well as great tips for proper diet and nutrition habits.

Here’s a quick summary of what’s included:

1) Unique workouts that burn belly fat and flatten abs
2) Amazing fat burning foods that might surprise you
3) Motivation and mindset to help keep the weight off

Overall, The Truth About Abs provides a high quality course on weight loss and muscle toning. If you’re not having success with your current program, it might be wise to give Mike’s tips a try.

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